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DHARWARD : Project Details
  Completion certificate of D Devaraj Urs Terminals @ Dharward
SI.No Description Remarks
1 Name of the Project D.Devraj Urs Truck Terminals Ltd @ Dharwad
2 Name of the Contract K Damodar,Banglore
3 Name of the Consultant  
a Detailed Project Report M/s Infrasupport Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd
b Project Monitoring M/s Infrasupport Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd
4 Estimated cost Rs .927 Lakhs
5 Awarded cost Rs .783 Lakhs
6 Actual cost as per Finel Bill Rs ……. Lakhs (Under Assessment)
7 Date of Agreement 05.09.2010
8 Date of handing over the site 06.09.2010
9 Period of Construction 12 months
10 Date of completion   
  (i) As per Agreement 05-09-2011
  (ii) As per Actual 30-06-2012
11 Extension Granted Granted upto 31-01-2012
12 Total period of construction including extension  21.6 Months
13 Scope of work  
a Area of land developed 7.26 Acres KIADB Plot No 3 (c)
b Earth work in Embankment 22,561 -Cum
c Excavation in cutting 6,430 - Cum
d Construction of  rubble stone masonry compound wall with raised pointing & CC coping 389 Rmtr Length
e Storm water drain along the road side 933 Rmtr Length
f Cross drainge works (culverts ) &  Service Lines  1)20 Mtrs -3Nos
2)11.5 Mtrs -1Nos
3)15 Mtrs -2Nos
4) NP 3 300mmPipes -150Mtrs 
g Rigid Pavement Concrete Road Length 883 Rmtr
h Construction of  Dormitory Total Built up Area -  718.00 Sqm
              First Floor -  718.00 Sqm
               Hedroom -     14.94.Sqm
                      Total  - 1450.94 Sqm
i Construction of  Sulabha Souchalaya Total Built up Area -156.24 Sqm
j Construction of  Canteen Building  Built up Area -352.59 Sqm
k Security Cabin & Power house  Built up Area - 35 Sqm
l Street Light Total No. of poles 31 No's
m U.G.D 20 Manholes
n M. S. Gates 6.5 Mtrs width 2 Nos
o Borewell 2 Nos. (6"dia)
p PVC 50mm Dia For Water supply 344.00 Mtrs
q Land scape & Tree Plantation  1071 Sqm Lawn area, 135 No's Tree Plantation 
14 Test Conducted  As per T.O.R All necessary Materials tests have been conducted 
15 Quality of workmanship Found Satisfactory.Works has been carried out as per standerd specification mentioned in the contract.