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It should be remembered that the activities referred to in this point are exclusively specific to the company managing the Logistics Centre.

1. Defining infrastructure necessities these being:
1. Road connections
2. Rail connections
3. Connections with ports

2. Defining the Logistics Centre layout Considering:
1. Customs infrastructures
2. Postal/bank/insurance services
3. Offices
4. Intermodal terminals
5. Warehouses
6. Other general services

3. Business Plan
Management of a logistics centre also implies investment and development planning regarding its layout.

4. Creating the general infrastructures, the warehouses and the integrated services
The Logistics Centre management company is responsible for the construction of all the infrastructures, once layout planning and the business plan have been completed.

5. Land leasing to transport operators / Warehouse and office leasing / Sale of warehouses and offices
The Logistics Centre management company is responsible for all the procedures regarding the leasing or selling activities. It sees to both the commercial/marketing and legal procedures.

6. Administrative, financial, commercial and operations management of the Logistics Centre
Upkeep and management of common property